About Us

Elevation Requires Separation

Szn of Solo is an online boutique selling the best in men & women's fashion. Motivated by the want to elevate! Szn Of Solo aims to be the fashion outlet for dreamers while on their Solo Journey providing great fashion & even greater price points!

Our History

Szn of Solo was established in 2019 by Arielle Baine ( & Loren Lorosa (@lorenlorosa). Szn of Solo was created because of a shared love for fashion, a shared goal of financial independence, and an aim to help men & woman look good during their SZNs of focus and determination. Both co-owners have had personal SZNs of confusion, overwhelm, fear, and frustration. During those SZNs, they were required to separate from toxic people, bad habits, and "wear confidence". This manifested Szn of Solo.
The brand will continue to encourage people to look good while tunneling in on their vision and improve the brand's quality, variety, and transparency to customers.